Process Group Description

The DT Project Management Methodology is a process model which provides a standardized, repeatable and professional approach to project management that can be applied to achieve consistency of results across all projects within the organization. The model comprises four process groups, as described below and depiced in the process diagram.


Process Group Description

The first process group introduces a new project into the organization. A Ready-To-Initiate review is quickly conducted to enable the remaining initiation steps to be performed. The project opportunity is then examined, defined and reviewed for appropriateness within the organization and alignment with strategic business interests. The associated activities of this process group provide for confirmation of interest, capability to perform, and final deliberation and determination that the project will be planned. A Ready-To-Plan review is conducted to enable the project to proceed planning.


Process Group Description

The second process group is focused on developing and refining the plans and related guidance documents and procedures that will be applied to execute the project. This is an extremely important grouping in the process guide because the resulting planning documents provide a common frame of reference for conducting work needed to achieve the prescribed project objectives. This is a valuable not only to the project team, but to all project stakeholders in the organization who have a vested interest in project success. A Ready-To-Execute review is conducted to enable the project to proceed to project execution.


Process Group Description

The third process group represents oversight and management of project performance. This is a fundamental effort that tracks various aspects of project progress to ensure that work and related projects activities are being accomplished according to established plans and controls, or makes adjustments when there are significant variations from planned activities or outcomes. This process grouping produces reports of those activities for review by management and other stakeholders having interest in the particular project effort. A Ready-To-Close review is conducted to enable the project to proceed to the closing process.


Process Group Description

The fourth process group specifies the steps needed to close out or transition the project. It provides an "official" pronouncement that the project is completed or transferred: the deliverables have been conveyed to the customer, assigned resources are no longer needed, contract invoices are paid in full, and no further financial charges or billing should be associated with the project. It also provides for the review of project performance and the compilation of relevant lessons learned in turn, a Closeout Review Package is prepared, and along with other project plans, documents and materials, are transferred to storage in the project archives for future reference. (Particularly when planning similar projects)

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Process Group Description

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